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Partnering with premier operators in the Latin American forest coffee, cacao, and soy sectors, ensuring compliance with Nature+ standards for high-impact results.

What is Earth surveillance

Our Focus Areas

Leveraging AI and advanced data management, we can now precisely monitor and manage forest ecosystems. This innovative approach offers real-time insights and ensures sustainable land and agricultural practices.

The Scope

Problem: Climate change is the greatest threat to our civilization. The biggest threat to all life on Earth.

Challenge: The science is clear : There is no solution for climate change without protection of tropical forests.

Need: The new EU Deforestation-free Regulation creates an immediate legal need for documentation, verification and reporting.

Scale: Without technology, we have no scalable solutions and will not gain enough momentum to implement the necessary measures in time.

Climate & Environment

Urgent interventions are needed.

Earth’s forests are home to 80% of the world’s land-based biodiversity.

Forests are disappearing fast primarily due to deforestation for expansions of agricultural land.

Between 1990 and 2020, forest areas larger than the entire EU have disappeared, close to 420 million ha.

The technology

Integration of AI and advanced data management techniques to monitor, analyze, and address the state of any specific forest area and it’s ecology.

  • Incorporating an Earth grid.
  • Integrating a matrix of earth data to each coordinate.

This fusion of technologies allows for :

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Verification on land-management methods and produce.

Our solution

Forest Monitoring and Analysis

Utilizing AI, we provide comprehensive monitoring and ecological analysis of forested areas, ensuring their health and sustainability.

Sustainable Land Management

Our service focuses on the implementation of sustainable land-use practices, guided by precise data and AI insights to maintain ecological integrity.

Deforestation Tracking

We specialize in detecting and tracking deforestation activities, employing advanced technology to safeguard forest ecosystems.

Agricultural Practice Verification

Leveraging data analytics, we verify and optimize agricultural practices, promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Our service ensures that land-use and agricultural activities adhere to environmental regulations and standards through detailed auditing.

Ecological Impact Assessment

We provide thorough assessments of ecological impacts, helping in the planning and execution of projects with minimal environmental footprints.

Mobile Ready

A fusion of technologies allow for real-time surveillance, monitoring, analysis, verification on land-management methods and produce, building prediction of environmental factors across geographical regions and large ecosystems.

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